The process of installing a mold on a punch

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

The process of installing a mold on a press 1) Before installation, make sure that the edge of the die is sharp and there is no crater on the edge of the die. If there is a chink or missing angle, first sharpen the knife. In this case, 2) Before the mold should be in the upper and lower mold between the pad into a piece of silicon steel to prevent the collision process due to injury blade. In this case, 3) In the mold before the punch drilling milling machine, use the Whetstone to the bottom and the top of the burr worn off, with a cloth to clean up the garbage. If there is burr or rubbish on the upper and lower surfaces of the mold Tapping Machine, it will cause the burr tolerance of the die. In this case, 4) Adjust the slide stroke to the appropriate position to press the upper mold, must ensure that the mold handle or mold frame, until the punch into the die 3 ~ 4mm, pressing the lower mold surface in the bottom of the slider close fit, Screw gently pressed. Then, adjust the slider up to remove the middle silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower mold plate screw and adjust the slide plate clamp screw downwards. New die punching punch must enter the die 3 ~ 4mm, otherwise, there must be punch die or concave die burst. In this case, 5) raise the slider to the top dead center position, adjust the punch rod to stop the screw, to the appropriate elastic, and then idling a few times to observe the mold and punch the work of the institutions are normal. If there is no exception automatic girth welding machine, you can start production.


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