It is through the SETTING key on the operation

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It is through the SETTING key on the operation

panel This is also called Handy Set ting, or Set ting (Handy) or some thing sim i lar In or der to ac ti –

vate a sys tem pa ram e ter in this en vi ron ment, the pro gram mer will nor mally use the ON (1) or

OFF (0) set ting This is avail able only on Fanuc 15 and 16/18/21 mod els On Fanuc 15, pa ram e –

ter #8000, bit #0 ( PWE), al lows changes to pa ram e ters that can not be set through the Set ting screen On Fanuc 16/18/21, the Set ting screen al lows all pa ram e ters to be changed When pa ram –

e ters are en abled (on any con trol), an alarm (er ror con di tion) oc curs Busway Press Clamp Machine nat u rally

Un der stand ing the ma chine spec i fi ca tions and con trol sys tem pa ram e ters is extremely im por tant

in macro de vel op ment Even in its de tailed ap proach, this hand book only of fers some in sights and

ex pla hole punching machine na tions, the most im por tant and com mon ones – it can not cover all de tails for all oc ca sions

No macro pro gram mer can work with out the var i ous ma chine and con trol man u als – they are

the sources of con crete in for ma tion and pre cise data source about the equip ment used Each CNC

ma chine tool in the shop will have to be eval u ated individually

For specific details, always con sult ma chine and con trol man u als sup plied by the vendor

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cnc drilling Machine

FANUC CNC Custom Macros



In the pre vi ous chap ter, sev eral con cepts of macro struc ture were cov ered and the pur pose of

vari ables has been in tro duced and identified, in clud ing their ba sic us age in mac ros Vari ables in a

cus tom macro have been de signed with sev eral con sid er ations, so look ing at them drilling tools in more de tail is

es sen tial to their full un der stand ing

The start ing point – and the most im por tant one – to un der stand ing vari ables, is the un der stand –

ing of their dif fer ences In Fanuc cus tom mac ros, there are four dif fer ent cat e go ries of vari ables, called th