Within the Group 2 is a small sub group

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ng ex e cu tion, * and ** iden tify the same set tings for ed it ing and dis play Copyright 2005, Industrial Press Inc, New York, NY –

FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 6

Program Numbers – Range copper busbar bending machine O9000 to O9049

Within the Group 2 is a small sub group, iden ti fy ing a small se lec tion of pro gram num bers be –

tween O9000 and O9049 This range is used for spe cial type of mac ros – those that are de signed to

de fine a new G-code, M-code, S-code or T-code

As a sub ject, the cre ation of new G-codes, M-codes, S-codes or T-codes, is rather ad vanced at

this point, and even a sea soned macro pro gram Busway Press Clamp Machine mer does not al ways need these ad vanced pro gram –

ming meth ods How ever, it is very im por tant to es tab lish a cer tain method in as sign ing macro

pro gram num bers right from custom processing machine the be gin ning, even if it is for cat a logu ing pur poses only

cnc drill Machine

It is al ways a good prac tice to as sign all mac ros the 8000 or even the 9000 se ries of num bers, so

they can be locked and pro tected against ac ci den tal ed it ing and de le tion

Difference Between the O8000 and O9000 Program Numbers

Looking at the def i ni tions of pro gram num bers care fully, it is easy to no tice that both Group 1

and Group 2 have the same re stric tions In ei ther group, pro grams us ing num bers from that par –

tic u lar group can not be ed ited, reg is tered, or de leted, with out a pa ram e ter set ting So what are the

unique dif fer ences be tween them?

The most sig nif i cant dif fer ence is in the method of how the re stric tions are ac ti vated – which pa –

ram e ters are used Fanuc sys tem 15 is a higher level con trol then Fanuc 16/18/21 or Fanuc 0 In

most cases, the dif fer ence be tween the var i ous sys tems is the flex i bil ity and con ve nience of the pa –

ram e ter set tings, rather than particular fea tures or func tion al ity

Of ten, the main dif fer ence in the ease of set ting Fanuc dis tin guishes two ways of set ting a sys –

tem pa ram e ter (not ap pli ca ble to all con trols) One