Such as low-conductivity materials metal fabrication

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Punch | Precision Punch Model | Pneumatic Press – Shenzhen Punch Factory How to adjust the elasticity of punch gap tracking? In this case, Gap tracking actually refers to the conversion speed. The principle of frequency conversion is such that a sampling voltage is obtained from the discharge gap to control an oscillator whose frequency and voltage are nearly linearly changed, and the pulse outputted by it is directly used as the operation and feed start and stop signal of the controller, The feed rate is controlled by the gap voltage. Conventionally, tracking elasticity artificially changes the amplitude range of the sampling voltage supplied to the oscillator. In this case, Tracking and adjustment of the most fundamental principle is to obtain stable processing, as long as the stability of the inverter circuit in a wide range of automatic control, in general, the frequency adjustment on the panel to be placed where to be processed. However, under certain circumstances cutting efficiency and quality, with the frequency of high-speed is still a significant relationship.

In this case, Speed ‚Äč‚Äčadjustment method is: the selected pulse width, pulse, after the number of tubes, precision presses observed pulse source voltmeter and ammeter, frequency conversion speed adjustment will make the value of the table within a certain range of changes in the Current smaller range, adjust the follow-up will be more sensitive to the direction of rapid adjustment will have a relatively slow, slow and sensitive at the junction is more appropriate. It can be said to have been transferred to the sensitive but still able to normal processing position and then slightly to call back a little bit. In this case, This refers to the normal material, the normal thickness. For some special materials or ultra-thick processing, the frequency adjustment should be targeted. Such as low-conductivity materials metal fabrication, in addition to increasing the amplitude of high-frequency source, the sampling should also increase the starting voltage, and make the track loose. Large thickness of the processing, but also should make some slower frequency conversion cnc plate drilling machine, rather some no-load pulse, but also give enough clearance and restore the insulation time CNC Busbar bending Machine. Tracking too tight, to a certain extent make the discharge gap smaller, black and white plating


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