Punch Why towline maintenance We use the punch towline

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Punch Why towline maintenance We use the punch towline, and sometimes the maintenance of its accessories, one of which is the method of lubrication accessories, the requirements of this technology is very strict. 1, roughing punch mostly intermittent work, it will have an impact load and associated with boundary lubrication, so to consider the appropriate year, good lubrication and extreme pressure properties. 2, the punch of the lubrication points and more complex, and there are many punch at the same time lubrication, and thus more use of automatic lubrication, also known as forced circulation lubrication, to save manpower and ensure reliable lubrication. 3, in the metal cutting, grinding press for cooling, lubrication of cutting tools and processing the workpiece, most of the emulsion and the grinder used in the sodium triphosphate aqueous solution are likely to enter into the lubricating oil, promote oil degradation and emulsification.

Therefore, the choice of lubricating oil must be taken into account the anti-emulsification of oil hole punching machine, water, rust and corrosion resistance. 4, Punch Accessories Guide Punch lubrication is the key and difficult, rail movement is iterative, and the speed and load changes greatly, prone to crawling, resulting in reduced precision machining or even scrap the annex to the press. So the early selection of lubricants to consider the appropriate viscosity and good anti-climbing lubricants steel hole punch machine. 5, Punch lubrication system, hydraulic system and the poor sealing of the various friction pairs, will make the process of metal wear debris, grinding powder into the lubrication system milling machine for sale, such as not only may block the oil line will cause wear and tear will accelerate oil deterioration. So the concern of the system seal is necessary!


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