Punch safe production methods and punch maintenance

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Into the punch production workshop, the machine roar, metal cutting, electrical transmission, frequent use, in order to avoid accidents, we must adhere to civilized production, firm ‘safety first’ thinking. Adhere to the safety and civilized production Steel Beam CNC machine, is to protect the safety of operators and equipment to prevent accidents and equipment, the fundamental guarantee for accidents, but also a scientific management of the factory is a very important means, it directly affects personal safety, product quality and production efficiency Improve the impact of equipment and tools, molds, fixtures, measuring tool life and the operator’s technical level of normal play.

Punch safe production methods and punch maintenance

Especially the cold stamping work, if the operator safety awareness is weak, the blind pursuit of production and economic benefits, in violation of operating procedures fatigue operation, drink operations, but personnel disability, mold damage, punch scrapped accidents often occur. Therefore requires the operator must strictly abide by the safe and civilized production procedures. Punch safety production is not just business managers thing, more importantly, each punch to do a good job, punch safety work we need to work together to comply with the operating rules. Stamping presses are stamping presses, stamping technology than traditional machining materials and energy conservation, high efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator and through a variety of mold applications can be made by mechanical processing can not achieve the product, so it The use of more and more widely.


Preventive maintenance of punching is a necessary condition to ensure the good workability of punch press. Dongguan Association of Punch Factory is a professional punch manufacturers, the following to introduce you to the main content of preventive maintenance punch. 1, for each punch allocation of specialized operators, process personnel and maintenance personnel, all staff should work seriously to prevent the occurrence of security incidents drill angle steel. 2, in view of the specific performance of each machine tool and processing object to develop operational regulations milling drilling machine, the establishment of work and maintenance of files, managers should always check, summarize, improve. 3, daily maintenance Every punch should be established on a daily maintenance program, including maintenance of the content (such as coordinate axis drive system lubrication, wear, spindle lubrication, oil, water gas, the temperature control, balance system, cooling System, the belt tension, relays, contactor contact cleaning, the plug, the terminal is loose, electrical cabinet ventilation, etc.) and the various functional components and vitality of the maintenance cycle (daily, monthly, semi-annual or irregular ).


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