Punch process installation operations in the order of what

December 9, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Punch process installation sequence in accordance with a certain order of operation to operate, which is essential as a cooperative operator requirements, good operating habits can not only extend the life of the product, but also reduce operational failure. The correct installation sequence according to the main structure and use of punch to carry out tube drilling machine, when the installation center must be clamped to determine the location and clear hydraulic punching machine.

Punch process installation

Punch process installation under normal circumstances according to the following sequence to operate: 1, the next step in the process of positioning the clamping process to be done according to the arrangements on the road with the process must maintain a certain distance to facilitate the positioning of some of the equipment common processes have to do a consideration CNC Steel pipe welding machine. 2, the order of processing in accordance with the shape of the inner cavity of the order, shape processing with the back, on the outside to do the arrangements in the follow-up.

3, the use of punching stamping time will inevitably encounter a pipeline above to install multi-channel process, at the moment we should be based on the impact of small damage to the device in front of small, large impact, have a greater impact to the back, only to maintain This order can be a very good operation, so that the use of punch time to a certain degree of extension.


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