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Punch – Precision Punch offer _ Pneumatic Punch wholesale factory Noise Reduction of Stamping Workshop In this case, Noise is the most important factor in occupational hazards of automobile stamping workshop plate bevelling machine. If the current pressing conditions, especially with the continuous application of automation technology, stamping production line faster and faster pace of production, resulting in more and more intensive noise. The average noise in the operation of the general stamping workshop is above 90dB (A), and some areas even reach 100dB (A) or more. Therefore, from the protection of staff hearing and build a green factory point of view, the stamping workshop must be noise control engineering. Precision presses In this case, Stamping line noise reduction engineering basic idea Automotive stamping workshop noise control means more generally have the following three kinds: In this case, 1, the use of low-noise production equipment, focusing on solving the problem of noise sources.

With the development of press technology, the use of servo presses instead of the traditional mechanical presses, stamping noise can be controlled at 75dB or less, to achieve very good results. In this case, 2 angle steel open, on the job management and workpiece processing technology to adjust. By rotating the way to reduce the operator affected by the noise of the time; the same parts using 5 processes than the 4-processing process to produce less noise. Precision presses In this case, 3, the isolation of noise transmission, reducing the reverberation time of the workshop. As the workshop reverberation for a long time, the sound attenuation is slow, so the sound source through reflection to the sound point of the noise is also more Structural steel fabricator, so we must use special media to cut off the noise transmission to reduce noise on the health of the operator . As the existing stamping line has been unable to equipment and technology on a wide range of changes, therefore, equipment, technology and the surrounding environment has been identified, the isolation of noise transmission line is the main means of punching noise reduction and basic ideas.


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