Punch mechanization through several times of the process

October 10, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Punch factory mechanization era requires us to improve production efficiency, but also requires us to have a better efficiency and operating environment. The machine tool industry has undergone several processes

First, the form of change. In the machine tool industry in China to carry out “from scratch” period, the whole unit to form the overall development of the law is “top down”; now China’s machine tool industry has entered the “from strong to strong” period, the law is “bottom up”;

Punch 3_ Moumu compression. Jpg

Second, unconventional has become the basis for restructuring. Precision punch industry and part of the restructuring of the power is gradually from the industrial chain to the front of the industrial chain. In the face of increasing cost and risk development, it is a major trend in the world of machine tool companies to support the diversification associated with the upper layers of the lower-level common skills products, and then punch the plant to join the competition;

Third, the shopping mall is full of competition. Machine tool industry, high – speed reasons, in addition to national policy guidance, the most important reason is that the machine tool industry ‘s basic resources of the shopping center, due to one of the most abundant shopping malls, one of the most lively;

Fourth, to change the way. In the past, China’s machine tool industry is a “trade technology” approach, that is, the trade priority approach, foreign trade policy is the most powerful way; and into the new period, in a large number of commodity overcapacity situation, Technology “to” technology industry and trade “to transform has become an inevitable trend;

Fives. As in the twentieth decade of the last ten years of home appliances, textiles, clothing and other professional business cycles, the twenty-first century began a decade of economic cycles have set off a wave of steel, cement and other industries, a new round The business cycle also requires new, long-term growth, and equipment manufacturing industry in the machine tool industry

Sixth, punch factory to “replacement” in the form of promoting new innovation. Punch precision industry will bid farewell to the past surge into a stable adjustment period, the slowdown will undoubtedly make a variety of opposites surfaced.


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