Punch manufacturers to remind how to prevent the occurrence of punch safety incidents

October 20, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Punch is a highly efficient use of simple processing equipment, punching the safety of the user when the issue of widespread concern, how to effectively prevent the punch security is the safety of things to do a good job of the key to the body tube. Punch manufacturers to remind how to prevent the occurrence of punch safety incidents.

1, the adoption of prudent methods of mold

Protective measures against the mold include the construction of protective plates around the mold and the correction of the mold construction. Such as cutting mold dangerous area, adding security space; set the mechanical discharge device, without infiltration of mold strength and product quality under the premise of all types of manual feeding of the single-step mold to be improved to enhance safety.

2, manipulate the safety of things with the hand

The use of hand-held safety tools to prevent the mold planning and equipment to identify the cause of sudden accidents caused by accidents. More common security workers have: elastic clamp, special clamp, magnetic sucker, tweezers, pliers, hooks and so on.
3, the installation of security guards

In the stamping equipment and molds on the set of security devices or select the service intensity is small, the use of handy tools to facilitate the living, but also now press manufacturers punch manufacturers under the conditions of stamping homework security effective measures. Such as the use of hand tools, mold protective cover, mechanical access devices, double button switch, mechanical handle, push hands and hand device, photoelectric automatic shelter devices. Stamping equipment, more step by step, according to the structure is divided into mechanical, push-button, photoelectric, sensory and so on.


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