Punch machine is an important special stamping equipment

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Press is an important stamping equipment, has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, maintenance work to do is to extend the service life of the machine is a necessary condition. In addition to doing maintenance work punch, punch cleaning work to ensure that the punch of excellent processing performance. Here we specifically analyze how to do a good job cleaning and maintenance work punch.

1, each class must use manual oil pump connecting rod bearings, sleeve, left, at least 2-3 times the right rail oil.

2, each class must support large gears, gear meshing surface, robot, ball screw filling time.

3, must be a gun clutch, a week at least two times the fuel connection key.

4, must be inspected every month bearing shaft and grease.

5, must always check the nut connecting rod bearing pad and loose connections, and insist on a small machine every day, sweeping every week to keep the equipment clean.

Stamping process of the core part of the process, a direct impact on the quality of stamping parts and production efficiency. Ipmmc.com is a professional production of punch, in the years of production practice on the basis of summing up the user’s scientific and rational stamping process. Here we punch in the punching process should be how to see.

1, the punch manufacturer sliders to drive the upper mold began to open from the state of the highest point in the upper and lower die do not touch.

2, when the template stamping die contact, press the slider to continue down, the lower mold spring compression or gas plunger down, so that the next board down movement.

3, the punch block to continue down, close to the template (closed state) under the dead point, fully integrated into the knife in the mold, at this point on the bending edge of the molding has been completed.

4, under the punch in the bottom dead center, press the slider to drive the mold began to rise, at this time, the pressure has eased, in the lower mold stripping under the action of the spring force, the next plate punching ejector from the top mold, On the template, the stamping template prolapse complete stripping.

5, press the slider to drive the upper mold to continue upward, back to the highest point in the open state, a stamping process is complete.


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