Punch industry to enter the automotive field Shenzhen to export-oriented economy angle punch

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Punch industry to enter the automotive field Shenzhen to export-oriented economy angle punch, in the GDP composition, foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan economy accounted for 60%, domestic and foreign large enterprise groups have set up their own products in Shenzhen production base, this export-oriented architecture makes Changan hardware mold enterprises Access to open up the global market business be richly endowed by nature foundation conditions Beam Drilling Machine. In recent years, Shenzhen metal mold industry has become a certain domestic visibility and a certain international influence of the brand, and a lot of mold products exported to Japan, the United States, Europe and other traditional industries of manufacturing and mold power. With the hardware supply, tool supply, raw material supply and logistics continue to improve, mold manufacturing industry cluster effect will be further highlighted, and then form their own tribes. According to the International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said the government will also develop the next mold research and development centers, testing centers, etc., all view, mold industry competitiveness and development prospects are very good. In recent years, with the mid-range of domestic CNC punch press on the market, some high-end CNC punch products into the core industries of key industries, and have been initially applied CNC busbar punching. According to the high-grade CNC punch and basic manufacturing equipment special plan, by 2020, aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, power generation equipment manufacturing needs high-end CNC punch and basic manufacturing equipment will be based on about 80%, which requires the direction of industry efforts Around the automobile, machinery manufacturing, military and other key downstream industry market.


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