program but also benefit from other features, such as in put data in tegrity

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program but also benefit from other features, such as in put data in tegrity, allow able range

check ing, etc

Variables in Macros

Vari ables are the most no tice able fea ture of cus tom mac ros, ei ther in their ini tial as sign busbar cutting machine ment, or

in their use within the macro body Cus tom mac ros de pend on vari ables, so it is im per a tive to

have a look at what vari ables are, from the ground up

Definition of Variables

The word or ex pres sion ariable can be de fined in math e mat i cal terms:

A variable is a mathematical quantity custom Drilling Machine that can assume

any value within its allowed range and format

cnc drill Machine

Cal cu la tor Anal ogy

The con cept of vari ables can be il lus trated with a com mon sci en tific pocket cal cu la tor Even the

most in ex pen sive cal cu la tors have at least one mem ory fea ture This mem ory is a tem po rary stor –

age area for data values that can be stored now and used later The data val ues in the stor age will

most likely be dif fer ent ev ery time the cal cu la tor is used for the same calculation, so such data is

called the vari able data, the stor age area is the vari able (cal cu la tors call it mem ory stor age or just mem ory) The word vari able means change or change able More ad vanced cal cu la tors have more than one mem ory stor age area and they also of fer stor age of for mu las and com mon calculations If

more than one mem ory is avail able on a calculator, iden ti fi ca tion num bers or let ters for each

mem ory are pro vided on the keypad, to dis tin guish one from an other Re call ing the pre vi ously

stored vari able value by a let ter or a num ber will re trieve it from mem ory and place it into the cur –

rent calculation In mac ros, many mem o ries (vari ables) con tain ing dif fer ent data can be de fined

and avail able for calculations, de pend ing on the con trol model

Vari able Data

In mac ros, the con cept is the same as for calculators Vari ables have a ge neric, rather than a

spe cific, char ac ter They serve as stor age ar eas, and Hydraulic punching machines they con t


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