The process of installing a mold on a punch

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The process of installing a mold on a press 1) Before installation, make sure that the edge of the die is sharp and there is no crater on the edge of the die. If there is a chink or missing angle, first sharpen the knife. In this case, 2) Before the mold should be in the upper and lower mold between the pad into a piece of silicon steel to prevent the collision process due to injury blade. In this case, 3) In the mold before the punch drilling milling machine, use the Whetstone to the bottom and the top of the burr worn off, with a cloth to clean up the garbage. If there is burr or rubbish on the upper and lower surfaces of the mold Tapping Machine, it will cause the burr tolerance of the die. In this case, 4) Adjust the slide stroke to the appropriate position to press the upper mold, must ensure that the mold handle or mold frame, until the punch into the die 3 ~ 4mm, pressing the lower mold surface in the bottom of the slider close fit, Screw gently pressed. Then, adjust the slider up to remove the middle silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower mold plate screw and adjust the slide plate clamp screw downwards. New die punching punch must enter the die 3 ~ 4mm, otherwise, there must be punch die or concave die burst. In this case, 5) raise the slider to the top dead center position, adjust the punch rod to stop the screw, to the appropriate elastic, and then idling a few times to observe the mold and punch the work of the institutions are normal. If there is no exception automatic girth welding machine, you can start production.

Punch – Precision Punch offer _ Pneumatic Punch wholesale factory

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Punch – Precision Punch offer _ Pneumatic Punch wholesale factory Noise Reduction of Stamping Workshop In this case, Noise is the most important factor in occupational hazards of automobile stamping workshop plate bevelling machine. If the current pressing conditions, especially with the continuous application of automation technology, stamping production line faster and faster pace of production, resulting in more and more intensive noise. The average noise in the operation of the general stamping workshop is above 90dB (A), and some areas even reach 100dB (A) or more. Therefore, from the protection of staff hearing and build a green factory point of view, the stamping workshop must be noise control engineering. Precision presses In this case, Stamping line noise reduction engineering basic idea Automotive stamping workshop noise control means more generally have the following three kinds: In this case, 1, the use of low-noise production equipment, focusing on solving the problem of noise sources.

With the development of press technology, the use of servo presses instead of the traditional mechanical presses, stamping noise can be controlled at 75dB or less, to achieve very good results. In this case, 2 angle steel open, on the job management and workpiece processing technology to adjust. By rotating the way to reduce the operator affected by the noise of the time; the same parts using 5 processes than the 4-processing process to produce less noise. Precision presses In this case, 3, the isolation of noise transmission, reducing the reverberation time of the workshop. As the workshop reverberation for a long time, the sound attenuation is slow, so the sound source through reflection to the sound point of the noise is also more Structural steel fabricator, so we must use special media to cut off the noise transmission to reduce noise on the health of the operator . As the existing stamping line has been unable to equipment and technology on a wide range of changes, therefore, equipment, technology and the surrounding environment has been identified, the isolation of noise transmission line is the main means of punching noise reduction and basic ideas.

Such as low-conductivity materials metal fabrication

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Punch | Precision Punch Model | Pneumatic Press – Shenzhen Punch Factory How to adjust the elasticity of punch gap tracking? In this case, Gap tracking actually refers to the conversion speed. The principle of frequency conversion is such that a sampling voltage is obtained from the discharge gap to control an oscillator whose frequency and voltage are nearly linearly changed, and the pulse outputted by it is directly used as the operation and feed start and stop signal of the controller, The feed rate is controlled by the gap voltage. Conventionally, tracking elasticity artificially changes the amplitude range of the sampling voltage supplied to the oscillator. In this case, Tracking and adjustment of the most fundamental principle is to obtain stable processing, as long as the stability of the inverter circuit in a wide range of automatic control, in general, the frequency adjustment on the panel to be placed where to be processed. However, under certain circumstances cutting efficiency and quality, with the frequency of high-speed is still a significant relationship.

In this case, Speed ​​adjustment method is: the selected pulse width, pulse, after the number of tubes, precision presses observed pulse source voltmeter and ammeter, frequency conversion speed adjustment will make the value of the table within a certain range of changes in the Current smaller range, adjust the follow-up will be more sensitive to the direction of rapid adjustment will have a relatively slow, slow and sensitive at the junction is more appropriate. It can be said to have been transferred to the sensitive but still able to normal processing position and then slightly to call back a little bit. In this case, This refers to the normal material, the normal thickness. For some special materials or ultra-thick processing, the frequency adjustment should be targeted. Such as low-conductivity materials metal fabrication, in addition to increasing the amplitude of high-frequency source, the sampling should also increase the starting voltage, and make the track loose. Large thickness of the processing, but also should make some slower frequency conversion cnc plate drilling machine, rather some no-load pulse, but also give enough clearance and restore the insulation time CNC Busbar bending Machine. Tracking too tight, to a certain extent make the discharge gap smaller, black and white plating

Punch – for the automotive parts industry to help Bo Lan

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Punch – for the automotive parts industry to help Bo Lan China is the world’s three major auto exporters and the second largest auto consumer, in 2011, China’s car ownership will reach 62 million in 2020, China’s sea car supply and demand is expected to exceed 20 million units iron punching machine, thus surpassing the United States as the world’s largest car consumer market. Automotive parts industry is a key part of the automotive industry automatic welding machine, with the rapid development of China’s auto industry, auto parts industry has also achieved rapid growth, in 2011, the national auto parts industry output value reached 1.3 trillion yuan.


Today, the national auto parts industry in the automotive industry in the proportion of 35% to 36%, China’s auto parts industry has very, very large room for improvement. Automotive parts industry is the main user of CNC punch, in recent years, the rapid development of China-made CNC punch for the national auto parts industry provides the basis for the development welding automation. The world’s top 100 automotive components in 70% have come to China; regulatory touch more than 5,000 auto parts enterprises. CNC punch the industrialization of the development of the national auto parts industry to provide a guarantee of take-off. After the high-NC presses in the industrialization, will also be for the domestic car dealers to provide high-quality facilities, drive the development of the national automobile industry. At the same time, auto parts and TFT become related industries, so that high-rise facilities. Punch industry and automobile industry complement each other, promote development.

Punch process installation operations in the order of what

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Punch process installation sequence in accordance with a certain order of operation to operate, which is essential as a cooperative operator requirements, good operating habits can not only extend the life of the product, but also reduce operational failure. The correct installation sequence according to the main structure and use of punch to carry out tube drilling machine, when the installation center must be clamped to determine the location and clear hydraulic punching machine.

Punch process installation

Punch process installation under normal circumstances according to the following sequence to operate: 1, the next step in the process of positioning the clamping process to be done according to the arrangements on the road with the process must maintain a certain distance to facilitate the positioning of some of the equipment common processes have to do a consideration CNC Steel pipe welding machine. 2, the order of processing in accordance with the shape of the inner cavity of the order, shape processing with the back, on the outside to do the arrangements in the follow-up.

3, the use of punching stamping time will inevitably encounter a pipeline above to install multi-channel process, at the moment we should be based on the impact of small damage to the device in front of small, large impact, have a greater impact to the back, only to maintain This order can be a very good operation, so that the use of punch time to a certain degree of extension.

Punch safe production methods and punch maintenance

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Into the punch production workshop, the machine roar, metal cutting, electrical transmission, frequent use, in order to avoid accidents, we must adhere to civilized production, firm ‘safety first’ thinking. Adhere to the safety and civilized production Steel Beam CNC machine, is to protect the safety of operators and equipment to prevent accidents and equipment, the fundamental guarantee for accidents, but also a scientific management of the factory is a very important means, it directly affects personal safety, product quality and production efficiency Improve the impact of equipment and tools, molds, fixtures, measuring tool life and the operator’s technical level of normal play.

Punch safe production methods and punch maintenance

Especially the cold stamping work, if the operator safety awareness is weak, the blind pursuit of production and economic benefits, in violation of operating procedures fatigue operation, drink operations, but personnel disability, mold damage, punch scrapped accidents often occur. Therefore requires the operator must strictly abide by the safe and civilized production procedures. Punch safety production is not just business managers thing, more importantly, each punch to do a good job, punch safety work we need to work together to comply with the operating rules. Stamping presses are stamping presses, stamping technology than traditional machining materials and energy conservation, high efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator and through a variety of mold applications can be made by mechanical processing can not achieve the product, so it The use of more and more widely.


Preventive maintenance of punching is a necessary condition to ensure the good workability of punch press. Dongguan Association of Punch Factory is a professional punch manufacturers, the following to introduce you to the main content of preventive maintenance punch. 1, for each punch allocation of specialized operators, process personnel and maintenance personnel, all staff should work seriously to prevent the occurrence of security incidents drill angle steel. 2, in view of the specific performance of each machine tool and processing object to develop operational regulations milling drilling machine, the establishment of work and maintenance of files, managers should always check, summarize, improve. 3, daily maintenance Every punch should be established on a daily maintenance program, including maintenance of the content (such as coordinate axis drive system lubrication, wear, spindle lubrication, oil, water gas, the temperature control, balance system, cooling System, the belt tension, relays, contactor contact cleaning, the plug, the terminal is loose, electrical cabinet ventilation, etc.) and the various functional components and vitality of the maintenance cycle (daily, monthly, semi-annual or irregular ).

Punch tonnage is the impact of precision punch is the reason

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Punch tonnage is one of the reasons for the impact of precision punching The main factors affecting the tonnage of precision presses include the length of the perimeter of the part hole punch for metal, the thickness of the material, and the strength of the material. Plate area and stroke length is determined by the size and depth of the parts shape, as the daily production capacity is mainly used to calculate the punch stroke per minute and the number of presses required to press the number of units in order to meet the overall production needs.

Punch tonnage is the impact of precision punch is the reason

For this process, a short-stroke high-speed punching machine is required for the process of embryo-punching and punching. For the processes of molding and extension, it is necessary to use a process such as forming, stretching and the like to process the parts together Welding adjustable stand. Long stroke and slower punching presses are used in the process of stamping, embossing and embossing, etc. The short stroke punch with high energy is used at bottom dead center. Can be seen, the greater the punch press tonnage the higher the price, in this punch manufacturers to remind customers to buy punch when not blindly concerned about the price of punch CNC machine, and only choose their own punch is the best punch.

Precision punching bending processing generally use the A2-level punch, such as the accuracy of the workpiece, especially when the rebound is very strict requirements, the thickness allows a small error in the bending of phosphor bronze and other sheet metal parts, only the use of A1-level punch to achieve Required accuracy. Therefore, the workpiece material thickness of the different specifications than the punch is also important. Such as 2-level accuracy of the material in the bending when there is no problem on the accuracy of the case, the use of B2-level punch can get better results. However, such a sheet material sometimes mixed with thick and hard material, so that mold overload phenomenon, such as punch rigidity, may not produce deformation, but cause damage or deformation of the mold.

Punch electronic cam control device can be real-time monitoring of the press brake shutdown characteristics

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The current use of the press on the punch and table between the closure height adjustment, are through the crankshaft between the crankshaft rod and punch set with a set of threaded nut and worm gear adjustment device, the punch press this device to achieve the closure of the height adjustment . The gantry punch is concerned, if the use of worm gear adjustment device to adjust the height of the mold after the end of the mold is not locked, then there will be a lot of punching process between the punch and the table closed height changes, this time will not only affect To the punch press accuracy, but also cause damage to the mold, and hydraulic punch lock punch device is a punch after the punch to adjust the special device lock. Punch hydraulic lock punch device consists of punch, lock head, saw tooth rod, piston, worm, worm and fixed block composition, which punch through the screw fixed to the top punch press; punch cover serrated rod, piston socket in The lower end of the punch is provided with an oil inlet port to supply oil to the oil chamber; the fixing block is fixed on the upper end of the punch by the screw and the saw rod is restricted to the upper end of the punch rod; the lower end of the punch rod forms a closed oil chamber between the piston and the punch; A worm wheel is arranged in the punch and is connected with a saw tooth rod; the worm is arranged at one end of the fixed block, is connected with the worm wheel; the worm is provided with an external tooth, and the outer end of the worm wheel is provided with External teeth copper bending machine, as well as rotating worm to drive the worm wheel rotation; serrated rod shaft with external teeth, worm gear inner end with internal teeth. In the actual use of the gantry press equipped with the hydraulic lock punch device, the worm wheel is driven to rotate by the worm wheel, and the sawing rod is adjusted by the worm gear teeth to easily adjust the closing height between the punch press and the table, and the hydraulic drive piston drives the saw tooth Rod metal fabrication, so that the teeth of the saw tooth rod and the inner end of the combination of teeth to achieve punch press locking cylinder clamping clamping to avoid the internal teeth of the loose teeth and teeth from the internal teeth to eliminate the gap to ensure that The bottom of the punch press the bottom of the state of stability. IPM punch electronic cam with high-precision rotary transformer, the angle of the sampling data more real-time and accurate, and can achieve multi-point speed and shutdown control, the punch can be applied to the complex punch on the molding, and the use of common interface can simplify the external environment . IPM Punch electronic cam control device can real-time monitoring of the press brake stop characteristics, and in accordance with its characteristics in the operation of the gradual changes in the automatic control of fixed-point stop to adjust. The electronic cam control device of the punching machine receives the analog signal of the rotary transformer through the analog input interface and the cam control device converts the electrical signal of the rotary transformer by the A / D conversion circuit to convert the analog signal representing the physical value of the punch into high speed sampling to corresponding 12-bit digital coding, digital coding real-time transmission to the cam control device CPU for processing bus bar bending machines. The CPU confirms the crank speed and the current crank angle position of the current punch according to the obtained high frequency sampling rotation angle value, and obtains the speed change rate through the differential algorithm.

The motion of the ram and the straightness of the table are a serious measure of the static accuracy of the project

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The motion of the punch slides and the straightness of the table are a serious measure of the accuracy of the static accuracy of the project in order to ensure a portable precision measuring tool that measures the common cylindrical steel tool to ensure that the 8093-6059 standard and the handling of steel cylindrical gauges The accuracy is usually an important item. The steel column gauge uses an area of ​​small punch to detect, in any direction can be measured, the price is low, can reach the customer’s website and other advantages, wear and accuracy of the fault can be used when the outer surface coating and polishing to precision Tests can be deceptive, depressing the cost of filling new purchased products. Cylindrical precision chamfer tool, according to the 8093-6059 specification, the vertical and shaft diameter must meet the 2 + (/ 200) standard, I mean the length of the cylinder. Therefore, the commonly used punch cylindrical table, the precision tolerance speculation as shown in the table below: Length () ‘vertical’ and ‘shaft diameter difference’ of the license () As the standard of the cylinder is measured angle punch, in use and maintenance the required burial, or cylindrical gauge relaxation, becomes a measurement error. Cylindrical gauges are a kind of measuring instrument that checks the requirements of important items boring drilling machine, and testers can use directional matching to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. I am here to carefully introduce the boring, cylindrical rules carefully in the core of the use and maintenance: 1, a good punch Du process measurement should pay attention to handling Cylindrical gauge due to the small size, easy to dump or collision. Although the cylindrical gauge is mostly empty stomach, but still has a great weight, in addition to the cylindrical gauge damage to flip, by measuring the workpiece or below the platform will be similar to the attack, so be sure to retain. 2, first rub the bottom of the cylindrical gauge at the bottom of the area is very small, but if the bottom is not clear and clean, and place the cylindrical surface of the platform is not clean, it will cause vertical error. The cylindrical gauges are long in length, because the dirtyness of the bottom causes errors that will be greater.

Punch machine is an important special stamping equipment

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Press is an important stamping equipment, has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, maintenance work to do is to extend the service life of the machine is a necessary condition. In addition to doing maintenance work punch, punch cleaning work to ensure that the punch of excellent processing performance. Here we specifically analyze how to do a good job cleaning and maintenance work punch.

1, each class must use manual oil pump connecting rod bearings, sleeve, left, at least 2-3 times the right rail oil.

2, each class must support large gears, gear meshing surface, robot, ball screw filling time.

3, must be a gun clutch, a week at least two times the fuel connection key.

4, must be inspected every month bearing shaft and grease.

5, must always check the nut connecting rod bearing pad and loose connections, and insist on a small machine every day, sweeping every week to keep the equipment clean.

Stamping process of the core part of the process, a direct impact on the quality of stamping parts and production efficiency. is a professional production of punch, in the years of production practice on the basis of summing up the user’s scientific and rational stamping process. Here we punch in the punching process should be how to see.

1, the punch manufacturer sliders to drive the upper mold began to open from the state of the highest point in the upper and lower die do not touch.

2, when the template stamping die contact, press the slider to continue down, the lower mold spring compression or gas plunger down, so that the next board down movement.

3, the punch block to continue down, close to the template (closed state) under the dead point, fully integrated into the knife in the mold, at this point on the bending edge of the molding has been completed.

4, under the punch in the bottom dead center, press the slider to drive the mold began to rise, at this time, the pressure has eased, in the lower mold stripping under the action of the spring force, the next plate punching ejector from the top mold, On the template, the stamping template prolapse complete stripping.

5, press the slider to drive the upper mold to continue upward, back to the highest point in the open state, a stamping process is complete.

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