Overall Structure of 3D NC Drilling Machine and Principle of Hydraulic System

October 7, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

According to the three-dimensional NC drilling machine positioning and processing analysis, the overall structure of the fixed gantry frame, feed table (roller), fixed roller table, fixed column, mobile column, fixture, moving fixture, left and right power head, Type power head, clamping hydraulic cylinder, etc. The details are as follows:
Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine
1, feed table (roller), left and right columns, beam rail components are mainly used to control the hole group and hole position; System to ensure the accuracy of positioning.
2, the rack components are mainly used to support the various components and to withstand cutting force.
3, hand wheel mechanism, the screw nut and gear reducer devices, etc .; mainly used to promote the mobile column adjustment fixture and left power head and the position of the workpiece.
4, clamping device, clamping device by the fixture, mobile fixture and clamping hydraulic cylinders and other components; mainly used for positioning and clamping the workpiece.
5, power head power head by the three-phase asynchronous motor direct drive spindle, and through the frequency control to get the required speed; left and right power head of the cutting feed through the built-in hydraulic cylinder to promote the spindle directly into the work forward and rewind. Vertical power head of the cutting feed is the use of an external hydraulic cylinder to promote vertical power head to achieve, it can make the power head to achieve fast forward, work forward and rewind functions.


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