How to improve the repeatability and efficiency of CNC machining

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Total value added distribution folder: Mo ft Xin Li clip body in repetition rate mmmmM Dandong Brix 518 Engine Parts (Group) Liability Co., Ltd. (Liaoning 118009) Liu Tian Jia CNC machines capable of processing complex parts and precision machining sling and other characteristics, it It has been widely used in various fields of manufacturing. In addition to upgrading its function, the only correct and reasonable use of the machine to operate, can really play its characteristics.
Now a lot of CNC machine tools in use, because there is no corresponding high-tech measuring instruments (such as coordinate measuring instrument, etc.), most still rely on manual workpiece alignment measuring the workpiece, especially in some parts repetitive process, fees labor intensive, affecting productivity. How to improve the situation, only to design a simple and practical auxiliary clamp down.
Our CNC machine tool processing die electrode, after each EDM, machining should be carried out to repair. Although there are workpieces electrode baseline, but used many times blurred, when human error between the position of the electrode machining accuracy is difficult to guarantee, even a waste. To solve this problem, we have designed a very simple and practical V-shaped iron auxiliary clamp, see, wherein the clamp surface of the Y-axis positioning member embedded in the table T-shaped groove. See location body with T-shaped slots or with the use of f (maximum gap preferably not greater than zero). In order to ensure its x, y coordinates of the machine tool positioning surface and position tolerance should be fixed after positioning the body (ie, into the body in proper position on the positioning pin, can also be used other fixed way), its X, y positioning surfaces respectively finishing it with machine tools coordinate geometric tolerances can be guaranteed. When machining a workpiece electrode, the first two machined workpiece positioning surface and the rear surface of fixture tight contact with the fixed workpiece, set the workpiece zero, and record its absolute coordinates. Workpiece repeated reworking, cleaning, positioning and fixing of the workpiece, starting machine to record the coordinate value of the position, setting the zero point can be processed, or set to join the work program origin. Amendment 2 axis zero or z-axis tool compensation, you can add the T-shaped (20) T-shaped groove width Peng Shu love lathe bore, especially processed ultra-deep hole, the usual processing methods, only use the tailstock drilling on the drill sleeve.
In this way the centering effect, generally shallow drill holes. And part of deep hole drilling tailstock is not so easy to use, often drilled a hole to shake the tailstock handle repeated many times, especially during drilling due to the drilling depth length, you must drag the tailstock drilling by hand feeling, difficult chip, a little careless, easy to drill holes including cards, labor-intensive, inefficient. For drilling deep holes of difficulty, we use the method of Morse clip mounting bracket for turning conduct drilling deep holes. This Mohs clip body, based on the number of number of selected drill Morse taper corresponding inner sleeve clip body. The sleeve magazine body, the workpiece Fig.
Now use the clip body and the method of installation are described below: ① first morse clip body positioning surface and tool holder knife pressed flat against the slot, the process according to the size of the selected drill Morse loaded clip body cone, the pressing pressure tank turret screws. ② in the design of the magazine body To ensure consistent Morse taper clamping clip body sling and drill center tailstock center height dimensions. ③ to ensure concentricity of the workpiece drilling requirements, from deep in the drill hole, under normal circumstances with the tailstock drill some holes, then clip the body of the drill slide movement distance, or with a dial indicator alignment, so You can use the clip body drill to drill on the turret installed. ④ This installation drill on a lathe turret drill ultra-deep hole, you can use automatic feed, broadening the depth of the borehole size, reduce labor intensity of workers, in exchange, clip-on-bit is very convenient, after many practical operation, this deep hole drilling method, stable and reliable, drilled hole pattern and process requirements to achieve worthy colleagues use.
Work out the amount of rework. By adding this simple and easy line auxiliary clamp, eliminating the job set positioning time, basically eradicated the human operator error factor, improve production efficiency and processing quality.


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