Punch electronic cam control device can be real-time monitoring of the press brake shutdown characteristics

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The current use of the press on the punch and table between the closure height adjustment, are through the crankshaft between the crankshaft rod and punch set with a set of threaded nut and worm gear adjustment device, the punch press this device to achieve the closure of the height adjustment . The gantry punch is concerned, if the use of worm gear adjustment device to adjust the height of the mold after the end of the mold is not locked, then there will be a lot of punching process between the punch and the table closed height changes, this time will not only affect To the punch press accuracy, but also cause damage to the mold, and hydraulic punch lock punch device is a punch after the punch to adjust the special device lock. Punch hydraulic lock punch device consists of punch, lock head, saw tooth rod, piston, worm, worm and fixed block composition, which punch through the screw fixed to the top punch press; punch cover serrated rod, piston socket in The lower end of the punch is provided with an oil inlet port to supply oil to the oil chamber; the fixing block is fixed on the upper end of the punch by the screw and the saw rod is restricted to the upper end of the punch rod; the lower end of the punch rod forms a closed oil chamber between the piston and the punch; A worm wheel is arranged in the punch and is connected with a saw tooth rod; the worm is arranged at one end of the fixed block, is connected with the worm wheel; the worm is provided with an external tooth, and the outer end of the worm wheel is provided with External teeth copper bending machine, as well as rotating worm to drive the worm wheel rotation; serrated rod shaft with external teeth, worm gear inner end with internal teeth. In the actual use of the gantry press equipped with the hydraulic lock punch device, the worm wheel is driven to rotate by the worm wheel, and the sawing rod is adjusted by the worm gear teeth to easily adjust the closing height between the punch press and the table, and the hydraulic drive piston drives the saw tooth Rod metal fabrication, so that the teeth of the saw tooth rod and the inner end of the combination of teeth to achieve punch press locking cylinder clamping clamping to avoid the internal teeth of the loose teeth and teeth from the internal teeth to eliminate the gap to ensure that The bottom of the punch press the bottom of the state of stability. IPM punch electronic cam with high-precision rotary transformer, the angle of the sampling data more real-time and accurate, and can achieve multi-point speed and shutdown control, the punch can be applied to the complex punch on the molding, and the use of common interface can simplify the external environment . IPM Punch electronic cam control device can real-time monitoring of the press brake stop characteristics, and in accordance with its characteristics in the operation of the gradual changes in the automatic control of fixed-point stop to adjust. The electronic cam control device of the punching machine receives the analog signal of the rotary transformer through the analog input interface and the cam control device converts the electrical signal of the rotary transformer by the A / D conversion circuit to convert the analog signal representing the physical value of the punch into high speed sampling to corresponding 12-bit digital coding, digital coding real-time transmission to the cam control device CPU for processing bus bar bending machines. The CPU confirms the crank speed and the current crank angle position of the current punch according to the obtained high frequency sampling rotation angle value, and obtains the speed change rate through the differential algorithm.

The motion of the ram and the straightness of the table are a serious measure of the static accuracy of the project

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The motion of the punch slides and the straightness of the table are a serious measure of the accuracy of the static accuracy of the project in order to ensure a portable precision measuring tool that measures the common cylindrical steel tool to ensure that the 8093-6059 standard and the handling of steel cylindrical gauges The accuracy is usually an important item. The steel column gauge uses an area of ​​small punch to detect, in any direction can be measured, the price is low, can reach the customer’s website and other advantages, wear and accuracy of the fault can be used when the outer surface coating and polishing to precision Tests can be deceptive, depressing the cost of filling new purchased products. Cylindrical precision chamfer tool, according to the 8093-6059 specification, the vertical and shaft diameter must meet the 2 + (/ 200) standard, I mean the length of the cylinder. Therefore, the commonly used punch cylindrical table, the precision tolerance speculation as shown in the table below: Length () ‘vertical’ and ‘shaft diameter difference’ of the license () As the standard of the cylinder is measured angle punch, in use and maintenance the required burial, or cylindrical gauge relaxation, becomes a measurement error. Cylindrical gauges are a kind of measuring instrument that checks the requirements of important items boring drilling machine, and testers can use directional matching to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. I am here to carefully introduce the boring, cylindrical rules carefully in the core of the use and maintenance: 1, a good punch Du process measurement should pay attention to handling Cylindrical gauge due to the small size, easy to dump or collision. Although the cylindrical gauge is mostly empty stomach, but still has a great weight, in addition to the cylindrical gauge damage to flip, by measuring the workpiece or below the platform will be similar to the attack, so be sure to retain. 2, first rub the bottom of the cylindrical gauge at the bottom of the area is very small, but if the bottom is not clear and clean, and place the cylindrical surface of the platform is not clean, it will cause vertical error. The cylindrical gauges are long in length, because the dirtyness of the bottom causes errors that will be greater.

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